Best Gym Headphones for Working Out (In ear)- Bose QC20

Our Leading Contender for the Best Gym Headphones for Working Out (In Ear) in 2016 are the Bose Quiet Comfort 20/20i



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Why are the Bose Freestyle Headphones the best gym headphones (in ear) on the market?

If you’re looking for the best gym headphones on the market designed with comfort and high sound quality in mind then you can’t go past the Bose Freestyle headphones. Bose lives up to their name with the manufacturing of these high quality sounding earbuds, designed specifically for those wanting to escape in the music while they workout. These eye catching, sweat resistant, silicone made earbuds will allow you to workout long and hard in comfort and style. Simply choose from the 3 models available, one with mic for IOS, one for Samsung and one without. The Bose Freestyle headphones are the best gym headphones for working out and are one piece of workout equipment you know you will use time and time again and will be well worth the money.

At the time of our most recent update, the best price on the net for these headphones was at for $299 US Dollars. Click on the Buy Now button below for the most recent lowest price on the Bose Quiet Comfort wireless headphones for working out.

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PROS thumbs up

  • Top rated audio quality
  • Secure, snug fit
  • Durable (water resistant)Full-gym-headphones-kit

CONS best headphone reviews

  •   Costly
  •   Limited sound isolation


Design and Comfort

The quality design and manufacturing that has gone into the Bose Freestyle Headphones makes them well worth the money. It is easy to see why these are such comfortable headphones for working out when you consider how the earbuds have been crafted. The Bose Freestyle Headphones have silicone stay heart ear tips which feature a crescent moon shaped design that hooks into the outer ear comfortably and securely. The silicone material sits so comfortably in your ear that you will forget you are wearing anything. You can be assured that these will be tgym-headphones-inner-ear-stylehe best gym headphones you’ve ever purchased if you’re looking for an in ear headphone that you won’t need to adjust or touch, meaning you can stay focused on having the best workout possible.

Although these earbuds sit securely and comfortably they do not offer a seal that is tight enough to block all outside noise. It has however been found more safe to workout when you can hear light noises around you so that you are aware of who and what is in your gym surroundings.


There is no doubt these headphones will perform to a high standard and the only performance you will have to worry about is your own gym workout. The durability of these headphones will make them well worth the money spent. These have to be the best gym headphones for working out time and time again since they have been made with materials that stand the test of time. Made with flexible rubber cords, not only can you forget about tangling problems which can be extremely frustrating and cause ripping and pulling of the cord when working out on gym equipment, there is no risk of it fraying due to constant moisture from your hard-core gym workouts.


The Bose Freestyle headphones are the best gym headphones since you can choose from 3 models to perform all of your workout tunes. Choose from the IOS with mic, Samsung with mic and Samsung without. Your with mic option allows you to have clearer conversations when making calls on your phone device and when you use your gym headphones with the iphone you will have full control for media playback, play/pause, call answer/end and volume. These buttons along with the mic are found in a small module attached to the right section of the Y cable.


Sound Quality

When you purchase a Bose product you expect to get the best quality sound possible and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these inner ear Freestyle headphones. What we found to stand out above other headphones is that the design of the earbuds with limited seal around the ears, allows for a more surround sound audio experience. These are the best gym headphones if you’re looking for a quality sounding inner ear device. While others work out around you, you will be so focused on your own workout since the audio design allows your favourite music to filter through the whole ear, igniting all the senses and helping you feel ‘pumped’ to train longer and harder. No matter what genre of music you like, from metal, to pop, to electronic beats, the Bose Freestyle headphones offer well equalised low, mid and high sounds for perfect audio clarity.


 The Verdict

The Bose Freestyle Headphones are the best gym headphones for anyone who enjoys working out at the gym and performing versatile workouts from weights to intense group classes and/or treadmill use. You can sweat it out in style and comfort, knowing you have spent your money wisely on equipment that will help motivate you in the gym. You will use these headphones time and time again and you won’t want to workout without them.



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