Best Running Headphones (Over Ear)- Monster iSport Freedom Review

Our Leading Contender for the Best Over the Ear Running Headphones of 2016 are the Monster iSport Freedom


What makes the Monster iSport Freedom the best over ear running headphone?


The Monster I Sport Freedom headphones are the best over ear running headphone on the market, combining freedom of movement design, blue tooth connectivity, high sound quality and waterproof technology to ensure you’ re equipped with the very best headphones for running. With the Monster I Sport headphones your run will seem so much more effortless and efficient. Not only will you enjoy booming beats to inspire your run, through the powerful sound system and comfort optimised design principles, you will also avoid unnecessary tangling with wireless connectivity and have the ability to multitask by making calls through Bluetooth technology while you run. Our team rank the Monster I Sport Freedom headphones for running as the best in both value and design. There will be nothing holding you back when you add these tough, durable over ear headphones for running to your outfit and escape in the highest quality sound and comfort.

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PROS thumbs up

• Bright, reflective design
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Reliable, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
• Audio clarity


CONS best headphone reviews

• Noise isolation not as effective as promoted by Monster
• Limited bass frequencies
• 2 hours recharging time



The Monster I Sport Freedom headphones for running have superior design and construction elements that make them the best headphones for running. It is easy to see that these over ear headphones for running have been designed by runners, for runners as they provide you with a workout tool that will clearly maximise the quality of your workout experience. The wireless design of these over the ear headphones enable you to enjoy freedom of movement with nothing to plug in and no disruptive wires that tangle or get in the way. Designers of the Monster I Sport Freedom headphones for running have thought of it all. Not only have they considered wireless technology for ease of running, they have also constructed the headphones with safety and ease of use in mind. We found these over ear headphones for running to be extremely user friendly with one big control button for music and calls located in one place on the outsideYELLOW-RUNNING-HEADPHONES of the right ear phone. Once you find that button you will be changing tracks, pumping the volume and answering calls in no time on these stylish neon green headphones.

Monster I sport freedom have considered you may wish to use these headphones at night and complemented the over ear headphones nicely with a reflective strip to aid visibility. The best interests of the runner have truly been encompassed in the design of what our team believe are the best over ear head phones for running.


The Monster I Sport headphones are the most comfortable over ear headphone for running. These lightweight, soft, cushioned, secure fitting headphones are so comfortable you will feel like you are wearing nothing. Designers have used hard plastic materials on the exterior to ensure a lightweight non bulky construction and soft plastic on the interior surface of the head phone to provide a soft, secure, snug fit during rapid movements. Common complaints from runners about sweaty hot ear cushions are taken care of in the design of the monster I sport freedom over ear head phones. Your comfort has been considered in the manufacturers construction of antimicrobial ear cushions that are incredibly soft as-well as ventilated so you can leave the sweaty uncomfortable feeling to your workout not your music device. Everything from the adjustable headband to the lightweight body with soft, ventilated ear cushions makes the Monster I Sport over ear headphones for running the most comfortable on the market.




The Monster I Sport Freedom headphones offer outstanding performance capabilities with powerful battery life and reliable blue tooth connectivity. Other headphones on the market can become extremely frustrating for runners with constant signal drop outs and short battery lives which impede your motivation to workout. The high quality AAC APTX Bluetooth streaming offered by these over ear headphones assures you won’t need to worry about connectivity drop outs that may distract you on your run. You will also be able to rely on your headphones for running with no concern that your battery won’t last and with hours of music you can be sure to go the distance.

Sound quality

The uncompromised audio quality and clarity, alongside moderate noise isolation technology makes the Monster I Sport Freedom the best over ear headphones for running and aiding your performance through the toughest of runs. Although you won’t get the full bodied audio you’d expect from a $200 pair of headphones, these are the best value sound quality over ear headphones for running. With decent mid-range sound levels and clarity at high volumes, the Monster I Sport Freedom headphones will provide you with all the sound quality you need to aid you in your run. Noise isolation technology will help you stay focused on your run while still being able to hear light noises around you such as cars, to help you stay safe.


There is plenty to like about these well designed over ear headphones and you can clearly see that these headphones have been designed by runners, for runners. The construction of the Monster I Sport over ear headphones for running offer you value for money with their thoughtful design of a comfortable, safe, efficient and reliable device that will certainly help you train longer and harder. Not only will you look the part with these sporty, neon headphones but there’s no doubt these over ear headphones will help you reach your goals and make your experience with them well worth your money spent.


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