Best Headphones for Running (Most Innovative)- Jabra Sport Pulse

Our Leading Contender for the Most Innovative Running Headphones of 2016 are the Jabra Sport Pulse

What makes the Jabra Sport Pulse the most innovative and one of the best headphones for running?

The Jabra Sport Pulse’s highly innovative technology makes it one of the best headphones for running.  The team at Jabra have created an all in one solution that is geared towards enhancing your running performance.  Not only does this product come equipped with the quality features you would expect from Jabra headphones but also features a built in heart rate monitor to help you track your performance.  The in-ear biometric heart rate monitor works seamlessly with the free Jabra Sport life app, and many other popular running apps available for android and IOS users.

Complete best headphones for running package

Both the app and heart rate monitor will allow you to track your heart rate over the duration of your runs making this headphone one of the all time best headphones for running.  Our team was extremely impressed by the value that this headphone offers in terms of a quality running companion that delivers clear audio in comfort while also testing and tracking running performance.  So if you love to pound the pavement don’t look past one of the best headphones for running available, the Jabra Sport Pulse.


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PROS thumbs up 

  • Wireless bluetooth headphone with secure comfortable fit
  • Water resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • Built in heart rate monitor (with free app integration)
  • Accurate heart tracking
  • Helpful and motivating voice prompts

CONS  best headphone reviews

  • Battery life between 4.5-5 hours
  • Slight inconsistencies between android and iPhone apps



The Jabra Sports Pulse headphones are sleek and lightweight making them the perfect headphones for running.  The cord lies comfortably behind your neck and remains tangle free.  If you prefer a tight behind the neck fit on your headphones while running, a clip is included for your convenience.  All controlling of the Jabra Sport Pulse is handled on the upper right cord/earpiece with well positioned buttons that are easy to reach and activate.  Here you can simply adjust volume, sSport Pulse with heart rate monitor are the best headphones for runningkip tracks and utilise bluetooth connectivity functions.


The technology integrated into the earbuds is what really sets these headphones apart from other well rated headphones for running on the market.  Jabra Sports have cleverly integrated the heart rate monitoring device into the left side ear bud and have ensured the ear hooks are secure so that connection of the heart rate monitor remains stable during even the most intense running sessions. To ensure accurate monitoring of your heart rate, bio-mechanical sensors have been attached on the inner ear piece which detect heart rate and oxygen consumption accurately and efficiently from your inner ear blood vessels. In fact, Jabra claims that their heart rate monitors are very close to the reliability of the ECG’s used in hospitals.

Innovative design is evident in the Jabra Sports headphones earbuds which have been fitted with a sports button allowing you to activate the accompanying app.  Data from your heart rate monitor is sent directly to your Iphone or Android connected with bluetooth 4.0 and with a simple push of the button you will be provided with information on your progress, distance, time and heart rate.  Gone are the days when you have to fumble with your phone to check your performance. These new age headphones are setting a new standard when it comes to the best headphones for running.


PerformanceComplete boxed version of the best headphones for running

The setup of these headphones is effortless meaning you can get on with your run knowing that your in ear monitor will be there to record your progress.  Once you have connected your headphones to your phone via blue tooth with a few simple clicks on the earbud you are ready to dominate your run of the day.  The Jabra app is so easy to use and will allow you to set and review your training goals.  As a runner you can choose to target a specific distance, time and caloric expenditure.  Alternatively you could run to target heart rate, pace or follow predetermined interval training workouts.  Simply press start on you headphones and your off. After your run the results are clearly presented on the app.  You can also compare your results to previous sessions or to valid and reliable research based fitness test results that are also integrated. These innovative headphones truly are a great asset for those runners who take performance monitoring seriously.

Unfortunately the pulse only comes with a battery life of around 4-5 hours max.  Our team believes this is a small price to pay when accounting for energy drain due to the integrated innovative heart rate monitoring resources.  The simple USB recharge feature allows you to quickly and simply recharge after runs.  Obviously this isn’t going to suit those setting out for an entire day of activity but for most avid runners, turning the headphones off in between runs will get you around a weeks worth of running sessions without recharge.

When our team searches the market for the best headphones for running we are always looking for products that are durable and built to last. The Sport Pulse wireless headphones are definitely built for longevity. What makes these some of the best headphones for running is the fact that they are sweat and weather-proof and built on US Military Standards.

Sound Quality

The Jabra Sports headphones are one of the best sounding headphones for running on the market.  The base and treble are beautifully equalised offering crystal clear audio.  Even at loud volumes, the clarity remains with no distortion.  The earplugs offer great noise isolation properties allowing you to focus on your run without outside distractions.



The Jabra Sport Pulse are one of the world’s most innovative and best headphones for running.  They offer the comfort, durability and sound Closeup of the most innovative running headphonesquality you would expect from a high priced headphone plus so much more.  The integration of an inner ear heart rate monitor that runs seamlessly alongside the app, to track your running performance data, separates the Jabra Sport from other leading headphones for running.  This is the perfect addition for the dedicated runner and will not disappoint.  Best yet, it will inspire you to perform by monitoring your vital signs and performance results.


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