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Our Leading Contender for the Best Over Ear Workout Headphones are the Soul Combat


What makes the Soul Combat headphones the best over ear workout headphones on the market?over-ear-gym-headphones

When you think of headphones to use while exercising you most probably envision the traditional earplug variety. Current trends, however, suggest that people are looking towards a more stylish and better sounding alternative to the traditional inner ear headphones. We have found a headphone that meets this desire.  The Soul Combat workout headphones offer everything that you would want from a pair of headphones to accompany you through tough workouts, with style, comfort and crystal clear audio.

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PROS thumbs up

  • Lightweight and comfortable frame
  • Sweat-resistant and anti-bacterial
  • Quality audio in regular listening situations
  • Interchangeable and washable ear pads



Design and Performance

Soul Combat are one of the most stylish and bold workout headphones on the market. They come equipped with a durable plastic headband, split at the centre, allowing for cool air flow during your workout. The base of the headband is covered in silicon, helping to make it both comfortable and durable. Soul Combat comes equipped with a single audio jack below the left ear piece. The Soul Combat headphones weigh in at a very light 8.32 ounces, meaning you won't even know your wearing them! Best yet, these workout headphones are sweat and bacteria-resistant so they will stay clean, fresh and odourless throughout even the most intense workouts.

The Soul Combat workout headphones feature one strong cable with a large in-line controller where all common commands are made. One thing that sets the Combat's design apart from its competitors is the design which has given you, the owner, the ability to customize your headphones by adding your own covers.   The Combats ear pads are manufactured from a soft and durable memory foam. The pads are super comfy and mould around the ears, providing a very secure grip. These large ear pads also enhance the sound isolation properties of the workout headphones and help keep out ambient noise. The pads can also be washed or wiped down when needed.

The Soul Combat over ear workout headphones are engineered with cutting edge technology creating sound that delivers powerful bass and clear mid and high frequencies. These headphones also come with a  detachable and sweat resistant audio cable and complete Apple® in-line controller functionality. To top it off, Soul provides you with a hard carry case to protect your headphones and carry them with you securely wherever you go.

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