Best Waterproof MP3 Player with Headphones

What makes the AudioFlood w/ipod shuffle package the best waterproof MP3 player kit on the market?


What makes the Audioflood Waterproof mp3 player kit better than the competitors is the Audiofloods unique and innovative IPOD engineering. In contrast to alternative waterproof mp3 players the guys at Audioflood thoroughly encapsulate the entire electronic elements in sealant.  This innovative design means there are absolutely no voids or vacant air spaces and no way for water to access the electrical elements. Sound quality, comfort and performance are also class leading in the design of this mp3 player.



Pros:thumbs up

  • Secure and comfortable short cord headphones
  • 100% water resistant
  • Highest rated waterproof shuffle on the amazon market
  • Six ear piece options to cater for every ear
  • Also includes swim cap, USB charger/sync cable, and accessory bag 
  • 15 hrs of battery life
  • 2GB of storage (enough space for over 500 songs)
  • Depth rated to 200 ft



Last time we checked, the lowest price on the net for this waterproof mp3 player kit was $139.95 US Dollars. Click on the button below for the most recent lowest price on the Audioflood waterproof mp3 player.

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