Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out- Jaybird BlueBuds X

Our Leading Contender for the Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out in 2016 are the JayBird BlueBuds X


What makes the JayBird BlueBuds X the best wireless headphones for working out?

JayBird Gear’s BlueBuds X were voted as the best wireless headphones for working out for many reasons. This product lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most premium Bluetooth workout headphones. The BludBuds X deliver crystal clear audio and offer wireless music and call capabilities. Not only does this product offer high quality wireless capabilities but also class leading durability, reliability and performance. We love the fact that Jaybird gives a full lifetime warranty against sweat which is just another reason why this is the perfect gym accessory and one of the very best wireless headphones for working out.

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PROS thumbs up

  • Premium design qualitybest-wireless-gym -workout-exercise-earplugs
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clear audio
  • Solid Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lifetime sweat proof warranty



CONS best headphone reviews

  •  Costly


Design and Comfort

The most outstanding feature of the JayBird BlueBuds X is how small and compact they are when compared to other contenders believed to be the best wireless headphones for working out. Although similar in many ways to cheaper wireless headphones that feature a behind the neck cord and in built microphone for working out such as Plantronics BackBeat, the BlueBuds rise above the competition. What really makes the Jaybird BlueBuds X the best wireless headphones for working out is the fact that they have a superior battery life, quality construction, clear audio and sweat proof materials which have a lifetime guarantee. wireless-workout-earplugs

To assist you in getting the best fit, the BlueBuds X come with three various sized rubber earbuds and three wings which have been made to keep your headphones in position while you workout. There are a variety of ways you can wear the headphones and after a little trial and error you will find the most comfortable and secure fit for you.  You may opt for the over-the-ear set up with reduced cable length to ensure the cable rests in close proximity to the rear of your head. It's also possible to let the cable hang below your ear just like you could with standard hard wired headphones. Or, you may decide to let the cable hang in front or behind your neck. You can simply reduce the wire cable to the preferred length if need be by using the pair of plastic organisers that come with the rubber earplugs. This innovative cable design feature is another reason why it gets our vote as the best wireless headphones for working out.

The behind the neck assembly is best if you are considering carrying out phone calls as the mic is located nearer to the mouth area. The instructional booklet included with the BlueBuds provides more detail about how to wear your headphones to suit your needs.  This booklet is much more user friendly than those attached to other headphones on the market that claim to be the best wireless headphones for working out.

The BlueBuds X provide a secure seal which is essential for obtaining superior audio that has more complete bass. The BlueBuds do isolate noise from your surroundings, hence should you be concerned about ability to hear surrounding sounds during you're workout, you may prefer the Plantronic Backbeat. Although the backbeats are cheaper they do not offer the same crystal clear audio that the Jaybird BlueBuds X do and which helped us vote them as the best wireless headphones for working out.

In order to charge your Jaybird BlueBuds you will raise the cover over the left ear bud to disclose the discreet Micro-USB port. A charging cable is included and you will find a light within the right ear bud to show you when the earphones are operating or when they are recharging.  This really slick product is the best wireless headphone for working out on the market and it comes in a quality case, similar to other jaybird products.



These wireless headphones include wireless Bluetooth functionality. They are able to operate with any Bluetooth device. Simplicity of use is also something we look for when sourcing the best wireless headphones for working out.  We love the fact that the BlueBuds are so easy to use. To operate, you just simply press the call answer/end switch within the built-in remote control to either switch these headphones on or set them on pairing mode. A computerized feminine voice then advises you that the headphones are operational and prepared for Bluetooth pairing. This voice will also inform you once the headphones are linked with a Bluetooth device or as soon as the battery power is low.  To answer a phone call you simply tap the answer/end button once. Pushing this button will automatically and conveniently pause your music. To skip tracks you simply hold down the volume up button for a couple of seconds or if you want to skip back on a track listing just hold down the volume down button for a couple of seconds.


Our team thought the BlueBuds sound clarity was of extremely high quality. The pure sound quality is what really sets the BlueBuds apart from the competition, making them the best wireless headphones for working out. Other Bluetooth headphones on the market distribute sounds that are overly flat and compressed, however the BlueBuds deliver quality sound over all frequencies. These wireless headphones have clear mids, strong highs and beautiful round bass.



These are the best wireless headphones for working out as they are comfortable, durable, have excellent sound quality and long reliable battery life.  With headphones, we always look for the absolute best fit and these do not disappoint. For any shape or size ear you will find an ear bud/wing to fit.

Yes, these headphones are more expensive than many wireless headphones on the market but you do get value for money when you purchase the BlueBuds X. They look and feel like the premium quality headphones you would expect to get when dishing out on a pair of costly but best, wireless headphones for working out.


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