Does Listening to Music Enhance Athletic Performance ?

Music plays a very important role in our everyday lives. Research has shown that listening to music can affect arousal levels, motivation levels and also has the ability to change mood. Studies have also found that music can enhance athletic performance. I am sure many of you have experienced an emotional response from a particular song. A certain song can stir certain emotions or evoke memories from the past and that particular music will be different for different people.  Not matter what type of music you listen to and for what purpose, be it relaxation, inspiration or motivation, the right tune can have a profound physiological response and prime your body for optimal

It terms of performance, music allows you to disassociate from sensations of fatigue helping you work and or train harder and longer.  Music can also reduce anxiety in pre sport situations. Many sport psychologists advise athletes to make use of audio as a means of preparing for competition. If the athlete has to enhance their endorphins prior to an activity, listening to particular music of their choice will stimulate them enough to want to compete intensely.  As an example, fast paced music has been found to reduce stress and fatigue and optimize motivation to move.

Regardless of what type of music inspires you, it is possible to use it to your advantage to aid performance. To get the most out of your music, make sure you listen to your tunes through a pair of high quality workout headphones. For more details regarding the best headphones for working out currently available on the market please visit our home page.